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The Winetastic project is financed on the basis of Subsidy Agreement no. 725 dated 30.06.2022 related to the “1stEP” project, MySmis code 141031, financing agreement no. POCU/829/6/13/141031 concluded between the MINISTRY OF EUROPEAN FUNDS (MFE), as the Management Authority (MA) for the Human Capital Operational Program (POCU) – referred to as AM and HR SPECIALISTS SRL as the beneficiary of the financing.

You can find more details about the project on the page https://www.hrs-outsourcing.com/1step/

Winetastic is the idea of the tourist guide George Babuta materialized within the project “1stEP” POCU/829/6/13/141031 in the year 2022.


About George Babuta

“Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people and look beyond what is right in front of your eyes. These are the keys to understanding the wonderful world we live in” – Andrew Zimmern

I invite you in the following passages to get to know me as I am, George – the passionate man of travels, of the roads no matter how long they are and of guiding with passion and dedication in every corner of the world.

I am always looking to discover new, beautiful, interesting places, to see the world as it is with the travelers who are with me, whether they are part of the family, friends or guests.

My passion for geography brought me in 2006 to work as a tourism representative in a travel agency in Iasi and from 2008 to follow the footsteps of the great explorers as a tour guide.

Since 2016 I enjoy the mission of leading groups on all continents.

I strongly believe that in another life I was a sailor, otherwise I cannot explain my pleasure to set off, to discover new places and the fascination for the ocean.

Currently, I am following the Wine And Spirit Education Trust (WSET) level 2 and Level 3 courses in order to offer as complete experiences as possible to those who will accompany me on the tours guided by me with the destination of tasting and discovering wine from different areas of the country and not only.

Winetastic is the realization of my desire to offer complete tourist packages and guided tours to famous wineries and vineyards in Romania, especially in the North-East area. I want to present to the guests this world of wine and wine producers that is not sufficiently exploited and known in our country.

As a group guide on trips and tours all over the world, I got to know different famous places in the wine field, and I want to apply what I learned at home, in Romania.

Together with my guests, we discovered wineries and vineyards from all over the world: Tuscany, Puglia and Sardegna from Italy, Freixenet from Spain, wineries from Napa Valley from the United States of America, those from Moldova – the famous wineries from Cricova, Milestii Mici and the wines from Castel Mimi, as well as those from San Antonio de Areco in Argentina.

Winetastic offers boutique tours to wineries and vineyards with the aim of bringing the geography, history, technology and taste of wine closer to those who want different tours.

Our vision is to be a reliable partner for our clients, understanding the real expectations and providing good services for a limited number of tourists per tour, of a maximum of 14 people in order to be considered a reliable company in the field of tourism. We have the ability to combine extensive professional travel experience, quality-oriented management and a special reputation for high-level customer satisfaction. Winetastic is the ideal partner for unforgettable tasting and discovery experiences.

Our mission is to become a leader in the field of oenological tourism through the proactivity with which we anticipate and address the needs of tourists, through transparency towards clients and the trust they have in us, with a special sense of responsibility. Together we will discover that a successful trip will always have a good wine with it.


Quality. Winetastic is designed to deliver quality through guides who are part of the team, well-established collaborations with destination wineries and specific training in the field of wine tourism.

Pragmatism. We only provide tourism experiences that matter. We think of destinations to wineries of value with the assurance of a time spent together of value.

Partnership. We believe in mutual success – as a law in business that we obey. Gaining trust is just one step.

Flexibility. Each tour is different from the perspective of the guests who accompany us. Consequently, we adapt our services and tours to the needs of our tourists.

Development. We like to grow as people and as an organization. Knowledge is what makes us valuable. We constantly encourage the development of people, through professional training

Simplicity. We do everything we can to make Winetastic tours easy to understand and follow. We focus on the real value of the trip, that of bringing well-being and disconnection from everyday stress.

Why choose us?

Winetastic - the adventure begins now!

Personalized trips

You can choose between different tours that we offer and you can customize them to your liking.

Wonderful places

Discover new places, history and new people, experiencing special sensations.

Full safety

We offer you security regarding the payment methods, the trip itself and the quality of the information.

Rediscover traditions

We offer a perfect experience, personalized for each individual client.

Affordable prices

We always have discounts for large groups, as well as special promotions for loyal customers.

Fast booking

With us, you get prompt services, quick confirmations and seriousness.